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Special and exclusive events

Adream has, among other amazing customizations, 2 exclusive events: a football system and a PVP battle event called Battle Island, fully automated.


football-field.jpgWe've got a system of football matches, totally automated. There you could play in teams from 1 to 5 players each. The football field is located in the Slycera city, to the west.
It's a very funny event! It's about how good you are dragging a soccer ball on the ground while moving your char to be a good football player. And, of course, you need to score. Just give it a try and you will love it!
The rules are easy: to goal you need to shot from inside the opponent goal area and all the team members have to touch the ball at least once.
Did you arrive later to the match so can't play, just watch? Our bet system will keep you sticked to the match! Just bet on the team you like with our !bet command.

Matches can bet organized by tutors and also by players, from 1vs1 to 5vs5, with command !football

Battle Island event (PVP zone)

This is a PVP island with a central castle to dominate. This is the main objective. Players can die without experience or items loss, so don't be afraid of nothing!

All competitors play as a level 100 char, no matter their current level or stats. Stats are reset according to the char vocation. Once the battle is over (or re-login) original char stats and level are restored.
There are 2 bases, one for each team, where players get respawned when die. Player get into the island nudes! Thats it, without any items. All equipment is found inside the island.
The game is about to dominate the castle activating it's two flags and defend them. Team will gain points over time for every owned flag and for every kill. Players also get individual points showed at the end of the event. Would you be the MVP to win a lot of reputation?
Battles in the Island are a great oportunity to practice your PVP without any risk. The best players practice their PVP in the Battle Island so they are prepared for the real war in Alessya's Dream.

This is a fully automated event. Tutors / GM can easily setup this event.

Battle Island scoring system

  • Team scoring: A team wins when castle domination reaches 100%. Every 10 seconds scoring calcs are done and only If a team owns the castle (the team owns 2 flags) the domination raises 2%. There's an exception when castle remains unowned for 5 minutes, in that case both teams will gain 1% domination to avoid a stuck event. Team scoring is very important since it affects individual punctuation as well. Player current score will by modified by team castle domination percent at the end. For example if a player wins 45 points during the battle but his team loses the event with a 75% domination, player final score will be 45 * 0.75 = 34 points. But if players team wins the battle (100% castle domination) the players final score will be 45 (45 * 1).
  • Individual scoring: A player scores when:
    • Killing rivals +10 points
    • Being killed -5 points
    • Keeping a flag. No just taking a flag, but holding it! A flag gives 1 point every 10 seconds to the player that turned it. And if the flag keeps unchanged during one minute the player will gain 1 additional point every 10 seconds. In fact every minute holding a flag will increase this ganing by 1 with a max of 5. This applies to both flags, so if a player holds 2 flags for 5 minutes will score 10 points every 10 seconds! Because of this players that turn a flag should try to defend it. This gives more points than getting frags.
  • Rewards:
    • At the end of the battle winners will advance a 5% experience for level up.
    • If the battle had 10 or more competitors per team (20 or more total competitors) the MVP will gain 50 reputation points and a global credit message.

Colisseum Duels

coliseo.jpgThats a big place to battle from 1vs1 up to 5vs5. Every char plays with original level and stats but with a special feature, there's no waste of anything. You can play with just one rune charge of every kind, one arrow, bolt, and one manafluid. You can stay in the battle until it ends with no loss. This a DPS or KO competition. When a players gets killed just gets teleported to the barracks. Wins the team with more DPS at the end or the team who kills all other team members (KO).

The event is totally automated. There's an NPC at the Colisseum that sets it up. Every player have to pay 100gps per level, taking competitors average level. The winners take all the money (discounting a little commission of 10% LOL ).

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