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Newbies guide

Rook (1-10)

Hello and welcome to the server, this will be a guide to get you started and into the mainland!

First off you will want to move to the south a few steps and go hunt rats in the sewers!


Some tips to get you started in the picture are;

1.the hole on the left are where the rats are.

2. Always remeber to light your torch when in a dark area.

3. If you ever get low hp in rook, the magic tree will heal you.

After you have hunted rats for a few levels and have some gold saved up you will want to go south the seller. it can be found south and is marked on the mini map!


Here you can buy spears, they will allow you to do lots of dmg and get to the main land quicker!

Buy around 5 or so spears and its time to get leveling! (To buy spears say hi Buy 5 spears yes)

Now you are ready for rookguard power gaming. Head over to the East gate, go up down and out the guard post to get into the wilderness.

Now keep heading east along the road to get to the troll cave (marked by the x). You will find some snakes, bugs and a wasp (kill it first) on the way.

Once you get there fight trolls until you hit the level 10! Also remeber they drop spears so you can loot them!

Now you are ready to get off this island and choose your vocation.

Return to town and head to the Godess, which is the check mark on your mini map!

Talk to the godess to choose your vocation.

The early levels and starter tips! (11-20)

Always take the daily quest at Quester Jowie. This gives you extra money just by hunting your everyday mobs. The money is based off how much xp you get in total for the next 100 kills! So try to hunt a little bit harder monsters for more money. It can be found left of the temple. Just ask the Quester for “Daily

A good place to start hunting is the sewers of the city. Here you can find rats, trolls and even some slimes. Kill these monsters for a few levels until you have some healing spells, some more hit points and a little bit of cash. (from your daily).

Selling loot bag loot!

A neat feature on this server is you can bring all your loot bag loot drop it into the “sellers” trunk and sell it. To do this just walk up to him throw everything (lootbag) in the box say hi sell yes. NOTE: HE DOES NOT BUY ALL ITEMS MAKE SURE YOU DONT LEAVE ANYTHING YOU WANT/NEED

Once you have a few levels these are some recommended hunting spots.

1. Lizard sentinels (the best xp)

If you are a lower level is it reccomended to stay before the wall and just stay in the yellow circle. Here you can fight tarantulas, lizards sentinels and lizard charmers. The sentinels are tuned to do lower dmg so this will be a great spot to get xp. Many people go all the way up to 20 or 25 here very quickly.

Notes: If you go over the wall deeper into lizards there will be templars which have ALOT of healing so will be very difficult to kill (they are meant for training) so keep this in mind. Also you will want to bring some healing which can be bought by looking at the mini map and going towards the rune shop! Ask for IH runes as they are very cheap and will keep you from dying.

2. Amazon and Valk castle

Just like the previous spot here you will find many amazons and some valks. The xp is a little lower but it is quite an easy spot. The added bonus is you can find an item you will need later for enchanting (Iron hammer). The only creature to watch out for here are the witches. They will kill you if you lack any sort of healing.

3.Rots, trolls, and at bottom cyclops hole

Again go over the bridge then north to this spot which is filled with easy mobs that drop food. Not a bad spot if you are a mage to make runes while hunting. The bottom floor has some cycs if that is what you are looking to hunt with out going to a full cyc spawn. REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR ROPE ;D

4. Cemetery

If you head directly south of the city you can find the undead cemetery. This is filled with skeletons and ghouls. They will hit a little harder so again healing will be required.

NOTE FOR PALADINS :This is a great spot to train inside this guard tower for some early distance levels. To do this get a training spear (hunting spot 5) lure a ghoul close to the gate and hit him. He will not move and you will not kill him with low dist level.

5. Dworcs

Not great for xp, but its required to know this area for your first mission from the godess. Once you hit 20 no one in the town will speak with you until you talk to the godess. At this point you need to speak with her and she will send you on a mission for a feather. You can come down here in the dworc cave and go to the end to find it. Note: the voodoo dworc at the end summons a beholder which can really hit hard. Have your healing ready. Also the reward for this is 4k which is a great start for your promotion.

6. Goblins

Goblins is a good spot for early levels and has 4 floors it can be found by going out the east exit of town and going north. Note: the bottom floor which is -4 has a boss goblin and can be tricky so if you are a lower level it is best to avoid this.

Bonus: The bottom floor is a great design so this had to be added…..

7. Dwarfs

This place is the single greatest spot to make very early money if you have patience. This can be done by buying a parcel from the depot and making the largest loot bag known to man with all the dwarf drops. You then proceed to use one of the mail boxes inside and parcel it to yourself!

To get to this spawn just head out the south exit of the city and go directly east. There are 2 entrances to the cave.

In this cave its mostly easy dwarfs but the lower you go the more guards and at the bottom is a geomancer. If you are a lower level its smart to avoid the guards and the geomancer. NOTE: If you go up to ground level you can find beholders and slimes. They could be very difficult so take care.

Promotion Time!

Once you have saved up 10k and hit level 20 you are ready for your promotion. You can do this by talking to Orlan who is located just north west of the depot.

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