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Guild achivements

Achivements allow Guilds to win honor points by doing (their members) some actions in the game.

Progress on these achivements is only taken from guild members. Monster killing achivements will only be effective when the monster is only hit by guild members.

Achivements give lots of honor points to the guild. Those honor points if the way guilds level up. It works like experience on chars. Furthermore advancing level for a guild results on bonuses for the guild members. You can see a full list of bonuses below in this article. Bonuses depends on the guild type. War guilds get more risk so they have more bonuses.

There are up to 62 achivements to get. If a guild wins all the achivements gets the special achivement 'We are the champions' and wins 100.000 honor points. Go for them!

Achivements table

Achivement Descripction Honor
Without much effort Reach the shameful quantity of 1000 deaths by the amount of all the members 1
Guzzlers Eat up to 10.000 food units by guild members 1000
Guild full Reach 15 members 1000
Quest hunters Open 100 quest chests 1000
Manafluid addicts Take up to 5.000 manafluids between guild members 1000
Noob achievement Kill 750 Rotworms 1000
Poachers Kill 1.000 deers 1000
Amateur fishers Catch 2.000 fish 1000
Rolling heads Kill 1.000 Amazons 1000
Fair play Play a 4vs4 or 5vs5 football match between rival guild members. Guild vs Guild. 1000
Fair play winner WIN a 4vs4 or 5vs5 football match between rival guild members. Guild vs Guild. 2000
The king of the hill Any guild members gets MVP in any Battle Island event 1500
War prelude Get 50 frags in PVP 2000
Drunk the trump Give 100 beers to Eremo 2000
Advanced fishers Catch 6.000 fish 2500
Pro hunters Hunt 2.000 deers 2500
Vampire killers Kill 2.000 Vampires 2500
Ghost Busters Kill 1.000 Ghosts 2500
Batman forever Kill 1.000 Bats 2500
Trolls genocide Kill 5.000 Trolls of any class 2500
Irux must die Kill Irux el Bestia 2500
Heroes of silence Kill 5.000 Heroes 2500
White skins Kill 5.000 Yetis 2500
Guerrilleras Get 150 frags in PVP 2500
Rescuers Rescue 100 prisoners 5000
Bang on the table Get MVP in the Battle Island event 15 times, by any guild member 5000
Horde extermination Kill 10.000 Orcs of any class 5000
Elfs extermination Kill 10.000 Elfs of any class 5000
Returnable packaging Sell 10.000 empty vials to Tom Seller 5000
Hydra hunters Kill 5.000 Hydras of any class 5000
Minotaurs extermination Kill 10.000 Minotaurs of any class 5000
Height abusers Kill 10.000 dwarfs of any class 5000
Game of thrones Kill 5.000 Red Dragons 5000
Warmonguers Get 500 frags in PVP 5000
Bakers spirit Give Chema atleast 1500 units of bread 5000
A weapon to surpass them all Full forge 5 weapons 5000
Not so magnificient Kill Magnus 7500
The knight in the dark Kill Penumbras 7500
First class producers Create a total of 10.000 runes 10000
Frozen witches Kill 3.000 Frozen Witches 10000
Blacksmith friends At least 5 guild members must fix a Helmet of the Ancients. 10000
Exorcism Kill Orshabaal 10000
Piety for those who don't suffer Kill 3.000 Aberrations 10000
Demon hunters Kill 5.000 Demons 10000
War Masters Get 2000 frags in PVP 10000
Closed door Destroy the Hell Portal 10000
Core breakers Destroy 15 cores at the ARAM event 10000
Firefighters rescue Kill 5000 Meteorites 10000
Mr. Plow Kill 1000 White hunters or White knights 10000
Humans vs Predators Kill 500 Predators 10000
Dragon chasers Kill 10.000 Red Dragons 15000
Hydra chasers Kill 10.000 Hydras of any class 15000
Persefone told me Kill Persefone 15000
Snot everywhere Kill Toxicus 15000
Timber! Kill one Tree of Death 15000
Crush the stone Kill one God of War 15000
Remove the stopper Kill Bael the Volcano Guardian 20000
Adventurers Open up to 1.000 quest chests 25000
Chaos Theory Kill King of Chaos 25000
Petrifed with just a glance Kill Medusa 25000
Morgaroth is over Kill Morgaroth in a world event 50000
We are the champions Get all other achievements ;) 100000

Bonus by guild honor level

To be in a guild can give you some bonuses. You not only get battle mates who defend you against your enemies. Even if you don't like wars, go creating a guild or join a nice one and keep leveling up the guild honor so you can get all these bonuses.

Bonuses to get depending on guild honor level:

Level Bonus Level Bonus
1 + 5% experience PVM
20% discount AOL
2 Free regular boat trips
5 25% discount blacksmith
Free regular boat trips
5 + 5% experience PVM
10 + 10% experience PVM
+2% luck
10 20% discount AOL
15 35% discount AOL 15 25% discount blacksmith
20 + 5% experience PVP 20 + 10% experience PVM
25 50% discount blacksmith
Able to buy a GuildHouse
25 +2% luck
Able to buy a GuildHouse
30 + 15% experience PVM 30 35% discount AOL
35 + 10% experience PVP 35 50% discount blacksmith
40 + 0.5% critical hit 40 + 15% experience PVM
45 50% discount AOL 45 50% discount AOL
50 +1 life and mana regeneration ratio
+7% luck
50 +1 life and mana regeneration ratio
+7% luck

A guild member enjoys this bonuses from the very first, but if you leave a guild you have a week cool down to enrole into another one.

Use the command !guildbonus in game to check your active bonuses and the command !guildlevel to check your guild level status.

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