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ADream OTS basic characteristics

ADream is an OTS (Open Tibia Server) based on 7.6 protocol. It's been evolved since 2006.

These are the very first features you need to know about this OTS if you are an OTS player.

  • Long term server (exp x1). First stamina hour +25%. Fast recover (if you die you get a experience booster 300% that lasts until you recover lost exp). Party exp boost depending of total different vocations in the party.
  • Oldschool PvP system with no runes by hotkeys. But hotkeys do work on PvM.
  • 5 vocations. The well known 4 + Warrior, a melee voc with fast attack.
  • Mixed world PvP System.
    • Monday - Thursday server is No-PvP
    • Friday - Sunday server is PvP
  • PvP-Enforced on between Guilds. Exiva only works between guilds, PKs or players with frag.
  • PvP global events with prizes, like PvP medals (special currency for awesome items).
  • Custom map super detailed and made with passion, with unique Quest lines and Lore for RPG lovers.
  • Custom monsters, custom item attributes.
  • Task system with challenges by level stages and cool rewards (including donation prizes).
  • Custom Rookgaard rookslayers will love, with a lot of quests and secrets. (Exp is x5 in rook to get out fast).
  • Rare and Epic items able to drop.
  • Forged items system to boost their attributes.
  • Hunt analyzer and autoloot (premium).
  • Custom client with lot's of improvings: smooth walk, classic feeling interface, sound, graphical improvements…
  • Enhanced graphics quality (shadowing, climatic events, better lighting system and more)
  • Original sound track composed by Spekdrum.
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