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Free retro MMORPG Game - Open Tibia

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For the nick make sure the first char is uppercase, no accents, no symbols, only a-z, max 2 words.

We recover your email only in order to send you the login credentials or recover them later.


  • Char or guild names cannot be offensive or contain political messages/parties.
  • Char name cannot imitate staff members, in that case the char will be instantly deleted. Do not trust any char asking for your account info.
  • If you find a bug you must report it and don't make profit of it or your chars will be permabanned/deleted. On the other hand reporting bugs is rewarded depending of the bug severity. It wont matter the long the player have been playing or the level.
  • Using bots, taskers, multi-client or any sofware to take advantange over other players is not allowed and will be punished as well.
  • It's forbiden any type of spam and will be cause for ban. In order to sell items please use the trade channel or the auction system, do not flood the screen with uppercase advertising. Please be respectful with other players in any chat channel.
  • Only one multiclient is allowed but with different accounts.