Alessya's Dream

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Alessya's Dream - ADream

Key features news

  1. 07/04/2020
    • New PvP event: ADream's ARAM. Today at 22:30 GMT+1 BIG OPENING!
  2. 02/04/2020
    • Big change in item slot restrictions.
    • Disallow players stacking on certain sqms.
    • New respawn of Frost Dragons (maped by Evolution).
  3. 31/03/2020
    • Enabled auto-attack creature for client with key 'End'. If you play with ASDW keys (chat disabled) you can use 'spacebar' (script taken from Egzo).
    • Players won't block other players when world is no-pvp.
    • Magic wall disabled when world is no-pvp.
    • Paralyze/drunk won't work when world is no-pvp.
    • Player summons cannot be attacked when world is no-pvp.
    • Time to reduce PK frags and clear skull only applies when world is PVP.
    • New respawn of promoted demons at Orshabaal quest.
    • Exori hur raised 5% his damage.
    • Update health/mana info instantly with certain actions.
    • Exiva disabled when pvp is off.
  4. 30/03/2020
    • Guild members with 3 or more consecutive frags (without any death between) give pvp-medals when killed as well as a trophy. Old condition to get a trophy has been changed to this victim's consecutive frags condition. You can see if a player gives pvp medals upon killed at the web, in the guild's member list.
    • Sorcerer magic power increased (in power mode) 5%.
    • Added tasks rankings page
    • Added different weights to different runes
  5. 29/03/2020
    • Changed some wands and rods damages. Abysal staff added.
    • Hybrid server: Monday to thursday NO-PVP. Friday to sunday PVP
  6. 28/03/2020
    • Added PVP Medals to Battle Island Event prizes
    • Fixed IA mobs distance logic
    • Fixed exori formula when carring shields
    • Fixed Dragon set 2
    • Added NPC spots to map for Helydia
    • Added sqms for fishing script
  7. 16/02/2020
    • PvP Battle Island Event configured to autolaunch with fewer players online.
  8. 10/02/2020
    • We banned several players due to an exploit with NPCs selling and buying prices. Also we deleted some money from DB generated from this exploit. This was already solved. If you find any bug like this, please report it to a GM/ADMIN instead of use it and you will be rewarded. Soon or later the server logs will reveal players who exploited bugs and will be banned/deleted, no matter their level or other circumstances.
    • Fixed blood splashes on doors.
    • Fixed haste spells bug when changing boots.
    • Fixed command !item for rings so now mobs droping rings are shown.
  9. 04/02/2020
    • Server set to no-pvp.

Top 3 Guilds


Carbon Fiber

48 899.831 219 217 12
Guild history
No history.



46 828.077 181 80 15
Guild history
Guild for questing/teamhunts


El violador eres TÚ

41 559.129 40 45 11
Guild history

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Last guild achivement

08.04.2020 20:12 Golden Sun Heroes of silence (Kill 5.000 Heroes) They won 2500 honor points for that!!

Battle Island Event - dominate the castle

Last battle organized by: ADREAM (08/04/2020 19:16:48).

Red 100%

Mugiwara no YaibaKnight320
Puigdemont PresidentPaladin124

Green 4%

Tanker EzoonsKnight307
Poison RosePaladin46


Mugiwara no YaibaEquipo rojo203201
Puigdemont PresidentEquipo rojo013179
Tanker EzoonsEquipo verde3031
Poison RoseEquipo verde0111
BarueEquipo verde3200
EeveeEquipo rojo150-15