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Alessya's Dream - ADream

Key features news

  1. 16/02/2020
    • PvP Battle Island Event configured to autolaunch with fewer players online.
  2. 10/02/2020
    • We banned several players due to an exploit with NPCs selling and buying prices. Also we deleted some money from DB generated from this exploit. This was already solved. If you find any bug like this, please report it to a GM/ADMIN instead of use it and you will be rewarded. Soon or later the server logs will reveal players who exploited bugs and will be banned/deleted, no matter their level or other circumstances.
    • Fixed blood splashes on doors.
    • Fixed haste spells bug when changing boots.
    • Fixed command !item for rings so now mobs droping rings are shown.
  3. 04/02/2020
    • Server set to no-pvp.
  4. 30/01/2020
    • Client version 1.5.4. Fixed bug of drawing duplicated creatures when changing floor.
  5. 16/01/2020
    • Schedulled battles in the Battle Island every 3h with a minimum server population (30). Battles also will begin only if there are 8 or more competitors.
    • Soundfx volume adjustments (requires client update)
  6. 15/01/2020
    • Fixed item info about vocation restrictions
    • Improved !item command, avoid to repeat mobs.
    • Changed Battle Island Event scoring system. Details here
  7. 14/01/2020
    • New command !item. Shows item attributes and monsters that drop it.
    • Armor formula adjustments.
  8. 13/01/2020
    • Fixes to battle island event.
  9. 12/01/2020
    • Battle Island event important change: all competitors become lvl 100 and stats is setup according to vocation.
    • Guilds bonuses modified. Check them here
    • Speed formula changed. Up to level 80 players gain 2 speed points per level. From 81 and further 1 speed point per level.
    • Adjustments to utani hur and gran hur.
    • Critical hit better scaling on rare and epic items.
  10. 11/01/2020
    • Crash fixes.
  11. 10/01/2020
    • Armor adjustments.
    • Exeta res have range also for knights.
    • Nerfed manafluid for warriors.
    • Boosted mana drain with hits on warriors.
    • Fixed ice rapier bug on exoris.
    • Expanded the tombs of Arnora.
  12. 07/01/2020
    • PvP inmunity is available at the Mayor of Imus.
    • Improved utani vita drain on warrior.
    • Exori hur is now only avaible for Warriors.
    • Nerfed exori hur and changed his formula.
    • Changed exori's formula.
    • Warriors will have a 7% penalty from healings.
    • Nerfed the armor on the following monsters: frost dragon, frozen beastie, dark hydra.
  13. 06/01/2020
    • Nerfed utamo magic shield from 25% to 10% of magic defense.
  14. 05/01/2020
    • Added training zones at the batlle island.
    • Adori gran ico has changed to adori gran vis (energy element).
  15. 03/01/2020
    • Solved some fast attack on monster's spells.
    • The experience dying is reduced to half.
    • Battle Island has been reworked.
    • Client updated, new items and monsters. New continent and respawns coming soon
    • Armor system improved
  16. 01/01/2020
    • Exori cost 110 of mana and now is for warriors and knights.
    • Exori vita drain is disabled.
    • Nerfed block rate on all shields.
  17. 27/12/2019
    • Coliseum duel arena almost ready to open. Test phase started.
    • Burst and poison arrows works on all bows.
    • Baker quest fixed.
    • Super manafluids changed to 3 cap and 175 gps.
    • Global monster attacks adjustment.
  18. 26/12/2019
    • Burst and poison arrows bug fix.
    • Magic damage from mobs bug fixed.
    • The ultimate healing rune will no longer remove paralize condition on warriors.
    • Warriors will have a 20% penalty from healings.
    • New monster: Jugernaut (on testing area)
    • Baker Chema gives you 25 of honour for each 100 stacks of bread.
  19. 25/12/2019
    • Guild invite function fixed.
  20. 22/12/2019
    • Added SSL certificate to this website.
  21. 17/12/2019
    • Paralyze rune is only for Druids and Sorcers
    • Adito grav rune is for magic level 1
    • Super manafluids are now available on all sellers.
  22. 16/12/2019
    • Last stamina hour ratio increased to 1:12.
    • Some amulets are linked to player now.
    • Boost exp info fixed.
  23. 14/12/2019
    • Fixed Twisted of Fate Amulet.
    • Utevo res can be used to remove summons even in pz.
    • Exori hur does not eat mana anymore if it can't be shooted.
    • Knights are never stunned.
  24. 14/12/2019
    • Improved captcha system
    • New Twisted of Fate Amulet. Special blessing ONLY for PvP. No item loss and only 1% skills/mana/level loss. Can be purchased at any Rings seller.
    • Party exp boost fixed.
    • Party exp boost increased when there are 3, 4 and 5 different vocation.
    • First stamina hour (from maximum stamina) gives x3 experience boost.
    • Melee attack system fixed.
  25. 13/12/2019
    • Improved melee attack system
    • !autorune bug fixed
    • Blessing prices scales with player level
    • Improved monter's AI and sight range
    • Added timeless spawn the whole weekend (special)
    • Added some level 2 spawns
    • Solved server crash
  26. 11/12/2019
    • Rings and other mana/health boosters applies inmediately.
    • Adori gran ico is only available for druids.
    • Monster's AI improved.
    • Warlocks now are stronger.
  27. 09/12/2019
    • Bug fixes trading items. Swapping rings. Magic staff fixed.
    • Crash fix for utana vis vid.
    • Monsters movement improvements.
    • Stunned condition will make player weaker from now since armor wont have any effect.
  28. 08/12/2019
    • New client version, please update your client.
    • Auto-enable WASD feature when message is sent if user has the WASD feature enabled.
    • CTRL+WASD also rotates char.
    • Improved aiming to your own player when using runes / manafluids.
    • Fixed player's effective luck when owned summon does the last hit.
    • Removed 100 ccs limit to NPC pay backs.
    • More music themes added to client for incoming lands.
    • Promoted mobs prepared for release. In testing phase now.
    • Rods and wands now shows the level required for use them.
  29. 06/12/2019
    • Fixed spell words spamming in public channels when cannot be casted.
  30. 04/12/2019
    • PvP rules updated. Now every participant in a unjustified kill gets a frag / skull.
    • Exploration prizes. Random prizes can appear inside fixed containers across the world.
  31. 30/11/2019
    • Fixed phantom monsters that never dies. Was related with guild achivements and guild chat channel.
    • Adjusted paralyze power.
    • Adjusted exori hur damage.
    • A enchanted weapon only consumes it's time when fighting
  32. 28/11/2019
    • Client v1.4.5: Added setting to control sound effects volume in Audio options.
  33. 27/11/2019
    • Fixed distance attacks from monsters.
    • Added anti tasker system.
  34. 26/11/2019
    • Fixed summons attacking players in certain situations.
    • ADream map published in Lore/Map/Info section.
    • New respawn of Necromancers near Arnora.
    • Ring seller added at the battle island.
  35. 25/11/2019
    • Quest log added! Update your client to 1.4.4 to enable it.
    • Spells ands commands are processed in all channels, so no more spells spam at public / private channels.
    • Daily task hit counts for party members and not only for the last hit.
    • Weapon enchantments price adapted to weapon strength. Duration extended to 3 hours.
    • Phantom trader level door changed to level 35.
    • Improved monsters IA.
    • Added Quester's Home at the south of Vinka and south of Arnora.
    • Arnora has been reworked. Now looks much prettier than before.
  36. 24/11/2019
    • Battle Island leveldoor now is 30.
    • Fixed a little bug at the rune seller.
    • Improved two handed weapon hits.
    • Adjusted the level requirement of some items.
  37. 23/11/2019
    • PvP disabled for players under protection aura.
    • Rune seller optimized. Now you can buy exactly the amount of runes you need.
    • NPC Buyer only talks in front of the chest. (Anti loot stealing fix)
    • Added protection zone and depot inside the Buyers shop.
    • Tasks advances applies for all the members of a party.
    • Stamina only gets consumed when fighting.
  38. 19/11/2019
    • Server network code optimized. You can switch off your no-ping forever. Now everything works better. Walk system is smooth with or without ping
  39. 14/11/2019
    • Improved walk system. Please update your client.
    • Changed players max speed to improve PvP.
    • Added stars effect when stunned.
  40. 11/11/2019
    • Added current ping to the client.
    • Improved sound system.
    • New teleport orb. You can buy it with ADream coins at the Battle Island. You can only use it without being in a fight.
    • Autoloot money function to reward big contributions.
  41. 04/11/2019
    • Moving to EEUU server! Today you maybe wont be able to connect until the new DNS records for are updated.
  42. 31/10/2019
    • Fixed a bug causing server to crash.
  43. 30/10/2019
    • Fix sound spamming when walking over fire, poison, energy fields.
    • Godess Alessya tells random game tips on Help channel.
    • Items put on auctions market will be announced in trade channel by the NPCs
  44. 29/10/2019
    • New ADream version 1.3.0. Lots of sounds added and modified. Discover them playing!
    • Speed formula reworked: Max speed to level 150. Power mode gives +10% speed. Being hungry reduces speed a 20%. Warriors have more base speed than other vocations.
    • Fixed time ring bug with utani hur.
  45. 25/10/2019
    • Exp rates permanently boosted: Lv1-50:x40, Lv51-100:x20,Lv101-150:x10, Lv1151-199: x5, Lv200:x1
    • Map click efficency improved
    • Resolved some issues about exp giving frags.
    • Utevo res leaves your current summon too
  46. 24/10/2019
    • New axe: The Headcutter (54atk)
    • New task: Demonhunter
    • Fixed PZ lock issue after killing a player with Guild
    • Improved the efficency of utevo exeta res and exeta res of Warrior
  47. 23/10/2019
    • Warrior can push players without being exhausted.
    • Client sound notification when Utamo vita, Magic shield, Utamo aura shield, Haste and PZ is OUT.
    • Added a little exhausted after a floor change
    • New command !automanafluid (only without fighting)
    • Utevo Res is now available for Sorcerers and Druids according to your character attributes
    • Improved the damage of Infernal bolts
    • Fixed some PvP freezes and improved the performance
    • You can't train without stamina at the Trainers.
    • Removed exhausted-Add from spells and runes.
    • Changed the hotkey delay. Adjust the perfect hotkey delay, ADream recomends 1145.
    • Exevo gran mas vis and pox have triple colddown.
    • Nerfed the attack speed for Paladins for each skill
  48. 22/10/2019
    • Added enchanted spears for paladins.
    • Added a new task for get the assassin outfit.
  49. 21/10/2019
    • Update ADream client to v1.2.1. Health and mana bars overlay added.
    • The daily quest is now available. Kill 100 monsters and get your exp reward. Ask to quester Jowie for more information.
  50. 16/10/2019
    • Super life and manafluids added.
    • The following items has been added to the Phantom Trader: caster legs, enchanter robe, crystal mace, winged helmet, phoenix shield, warlord sword, twin axe, gladiator boots, ornamented shield, demon legs, leopard armor, horseman helmet, traper boots, boneflame rod and the punisher.
    • Rune's price has been changed. Now are cheaper.
    • Added frozen and thunder arrows in the ammo seller
  51. 15/10/2019
    • Monsters attack efficiency improved
    • Trainers added. Buy your training key at the seller. The rooms are located at the Battle Island
  52. 09/10/2019
    • If you buy your own item from auction house you will not pay any commission.
    • More item info in the auction market page on mouse over.
  53. 08/10/2019
    • New auctions house at the Battle Island (to the right). A new page in the website has been created to show the items available to buy there. In the auctions house players can set for sell or buy items talking with the NPCs.
    • Fixed exhaustion to creature pushing.
  54. 06/10/2019
    • Added exhaustion to creature pushing.
    • Paralyze slows down far more now.
    • New command !spells to show spells you can do given your magic level and the spells you can get if you level up.
    • Minor sound adjustments.
  55. 02/10/2019
    • Fixed some issues with sound and music. Update your client to v1.2.0.1
  56. 01/10/2019
    • New ADream v1.2 with a big update.
    • Added notification sounds for: vip connected, new private message.
    • Added many sounds effects to the game: quests, achivements, advanced, mana refilled, flag taken, pvp started, etc.
    • Added background environments sound depending on map zone.
    • Added exclusive background music to the game. Cities and many quests and zones have been themed (King of Chaos, Lizards, Elfs, Dragons, Hydras, Ring of the Skies, Anhiquilator, Mercernaries, Battle Island). Music composed for ADream by Spekdrum.
  57. 29/09/2019
    • Added a new NPC: the ring seller
    • Fixed a little issue with summons and utevo res legion
    • Now you can also exiva on players with Skull
    • Frags with exp only works between members of a guilds
  58. 25/09/2019
    • Fixed some rules about exp giving in PvP
    • Added new monster: Death Knight
    • Added 4th blessing: Unholly
  59. 18/09/2019
    • Ajusted the mana cost of Exori (Knight: 160) and exori vita drain (Warrior: 170)
  60. 16/09/2019
    • Updated exori vis, mort, flam and san
  61. 15/09/2019
    • New Spell for warriors and knights: Exori hur. It throws your weapon to the enemy
    • New monster: Dark Hydras and a big respawn for him.
    • Minimum honor from now is 0. There aren't negative honor anymore.
    • Fixed pz for protected players (<80) on dead
    • Completing stages and mission tasks now gives honor
    • Disabled light checking when doing actions
  62. 13/09/2019
    • Changed the mana cost of exori, exori vita drain, exori vita and his damages.
    • Added exori frost for Knights.
  63. 12/09/2019
    • Added 5 sets and their bonuses (gladiator, archer, bowman, guard and mercenary).
    • Fixed items with total protection, like stone skin amulet.
    • Exana mas sio removes drunkness
    • Fixed trophys text in info window
  64. 11/09/2019
    • The entrance of Anihilator Quest has changed.
    • Added a special set for RookStayers: The Archer Set
    • New quests in Rookgard. Discover his secrets!
    • Command !frags now shows the hours remaning and not only the minutes.
    • Warrior can be paralized.
    • New home for the blacksmith at the west of Slycera.
    • New mill at the south of Slycera.
    • Added many wheat fields across the map. (Baker quests coming soon)
    • Improved the magic bread.
    • Fixed some little issues with the PK system.
  65. 03/09/2019
    • New ADream version 1.1.1
    • New icons to show states (protection zone, magic shield, vita drain, power up...)
    • Armor, magic armor, magic power, critical hit and luck now are shown in the skills window.
    • Item info window remembers last close position.
    • Changed NPCs text color.
    • King of Chaos and Toxicus quest have been reworked. Also the battle island and some signs.
  66. 02/09/2019
    • Protection aura from Alessya on whole Slycera Island for under 80 levels. If you die on PvP, under this protection aura, you will go to your Temple instead of dying.
  67. 01/09/2019
    • New ADream version 1.1. Client version will be requested even when logged.
    • PvP rules fixes. Killing inocents wont give exp. Exiva only working on players with frags or between guilds.
    • All killers in PvP will be registered and shown in the char profile, not just the final killer (every killer who make more than 5% of total damage).
    • New rods and wands added
    • Black sqm's bug fixed
    • Many creatures on same sqm's bug fixed
    • Houses rights now are case insensitive
    • Fixed 'utevo res call'
    • Fixed player frags
    • Luck system improved.
    • Beds repaired.
  68. 31/08/2019
    • New rune adori gran ico. Its like the avalanche!.
  69. 29/08/2019
    • New spell exura res to heal summon.
    • New spell utevo exeta res to make summon to attract monsters (agro).
    • Spell exeta res available (with reduced scope) for warriors
    • Summons will follow the master through long distances and stairs (not ladders) and holes. Remember that you can help your summon to get out of a hole with a rope, or just use 'utevo res call' to re-call it.
  70. 28/08/2019
    • Fixed bug on addons items.
    • Winged boots give speed
    • Removed warrior heal spells penalty
    • Regular monsters with elite version attacks fixed
    • Monsters move while attacking
  71. 27/08/2019
    • New client version 1.0.9. Please full close / reopen client to update.
    • Finally map click issues have been solved!
    • Improved game performance
    • NPCs talking color different from players
    • Changed healthbar / manabar style
    • Info item window repositioned and resized
    • Mana damage color text animation changed
    • Enchanted items now have light
    • Tasks NPC fixed. Task final rewards fixed
    • Disallow doors to close over creatures
    • Improved monsters movement
    • Fixed bug on light items
  72. 26/08/2019
    • Changed chat/ui font for better reading
  73. 25/08/2019
    • New client version Update required to play. Enjoy the new ADream restyling!
    • New item info window. Only appears with pickupable items when look. This window auto-closes itself but you can keep it open to compare items.
    • Many game sprites changed to improve look and feel.
    • Reworked map zones.
    • Monsters movement adjusted.
    • Fixed guild achievements.
    • New monster for high levels:
  74. 20/08/2019
    • Critical hits on both phisical and magic attacks. All creatureas have an initial critical hit chance of 1%. Check your critical hit prob with !critical command.
    • New client version to show critical hits.
    • Fixed snipper monsters shooting from Km's away
    • Showing real damage done no matter the health remaining of the target.
    • New rune for Sorcers (adori vita ico (also penta)) and Arrows for Paladins (exevo con ico).
  75. 18/08/2019
    • ADream is PVP classic now. With frags and redskull. Byebye enforced! Beware the PK's!
    • New comand !luck to check your current luck multipliers.
  76. 17/08/2019
    • New textures! Please update yor client
    • Elite monsters: a random monster can be Elite and drop epic items, but be careful, its stronger than a normal mob.
    • Autogrouping function
    • Vinka and Helidya rework! Visit our beatiful cities
    • New Ice Castle at the south of Helidya (with frozen besties and witches)
  77. 16/08/2019
    • Rare and Epic Items! Monsters drops them with a very low rate!
    • Some new spells and effects on different monsters
  78. 14/08/2019
    • New command !loot to check monster drops.
  79. 13/08/2019
    • Blessing NPC repaired.
    • New command to check your currents !blessing
    • TEAMHUNTS - Partys with 4 or 5 different vocations obtain an experience boost (x2).
    • Party members must be close to leader (<20 sqm) in order to get effective the exp boost.
    • New walls, grounds and nature elements all over the map coming soon.
  80. 12/08/2019
    • Please, download and install new client version v1.0.6. This time ADream comes with autoupdate feature! It will check for updates automatically and install new version if needed. No more manual downloads/installs.
    • New Shinobi outfit for ADream coins
    • New Items! Sets, weapons and ammunition with exclusive and special functions.
    • Now you can test the new items in the battle island.
    • Exana pox takes away your drunkenness
    • New appareances on monsters.
    • Improved the functions of the NPC Quester. (tasks)
  81. 10/08/2019
    • Now you can enchant your bow or your crossbow
    • New tasks added: hydraphobia, dragonslayer, elfsmustdie, misogyny, rebels, giants and underground.
  82. 09/08/2019
    • Death enchant fixed
    • Total magic defense items info fixed
  83. 08/08/2019
    • Quester's Home added on Rook and north Vinka, take your Task!
    • Added loot to Corrosive, Degradator and Toxicus.
  84. 07/08/2019
    • Fixed party system
    • Fixed rings and crash bug
    • Inferno is nerfed. Now is giving Golden Helmet. (low rate)
  85. 06/08/2019
    • Please download and install new client v1.0.5!
    • Freeze bug solved.
    • Improved client performance.
    • Task System improved. NPC in testing phase.
    • Honor icons on high honor players.
    • Weapons enchantments. Visit blacksmith Nerzul for it.
  86. 3/08/2019
    • Dragon quest of Slycera reworked and added a little spawn of drakes.
    • Task System coded. Amazing rewards and quest coming soon.
  87. 1/08/2019
    • Fixed magic flute
  88. 29/07/2019
    • Improved monsters IA
    • Beds fixed.
  89. 28/07/2019
    • Boosted some Mercader prices.
    • Nerfed amazon and nordic valkyrie. Also hydra
    • Paralice now cost 100 mana
    • There are some white knights and frozen beast in Helidya again.
  90. 27/07/2019
    • Mercader prices nerfed
    • Fixed bug with /autorune
    • King of Chaos is opened again, but take care!
  91. 26/07/2019
    • Weekend exp boost!
    • Please download and install new client v1.0.4! If you have any issues with your inventory items please download client again and install it. We have re-uploaded v1.0.4 with this issue fixed.
    • Rune charges info on inventory
    • Addons for outfits now available for unlock
    • Magic staff improved, less mana for more damage
    • New special items to unlock outfit addons
    • Stamina info on skills panel
    • Pot bug resolved
    • Some monsters graphics replaced
  92. 25/07/2019
    • Improved the loot of Elementals
    • Improved the mana regeneration of life and healing ring
    • Changed the weight of manafuilds to 3,5oz 1 vial
  93. 24/07/2019
  94. 23/07/2019
    • Please download and install new client v1.0.2!
    • Fixed player movement issues when walking on both client and server.
    • Fixed pot bug
    • Improved monsters IA
    • Fixed splashes
    • Fixed rope on holes with creatures on top
    • Added a delay to movement when char goes up / down / teleport.
    • Added new outfits for players
    • Some environment textures and item graphics replaced
  95. 22/07/2019
    • Fixed bug that caused server crashing
    • Added third bless
    • Reduced the % of skills and Magiclvl for dying
  96. 20/07/2019
    • Fixed targeting with the new client (download last version)
    • Improved manafluids on warriors
    • New Helmet of the Ancients quest
  97. 19/07/2019
    • Fixed some little bugs
  98. 18/07/2019
    • ADream client mandatory update to 1.0.1
    • Fixed light spells power in client
    • Enabled left panel for better mini windows distribution in client
    • New rune for druids: adana drunk - makes dance your enemy
    • Full english translation of the NPC's
  99. 13/07/2019
    • ADream custom and exclusive client is out!
    • Fixed experience distribution among party members
    • Fixed guild member rank edit page
  100. 07/07/2019
    • New PZ zone on Olinad (helidya)
    • Loot increased on some monsters
  101. 05/07/2019
    • New boats: Arnora - Imus - Helidya
  102. 04/07/2019
    • Stackable manafluids - fixed exhaust
    • Added boat Imus - Helidya
  103. 03/07/2019
    • Stackable manafluids. No more bags one inside the other. Requires Adream client update.
    • Ajusted the minimum lvl to use some weapons.
    • Utevo res now is for level 60.
  104. 01/07/2019
    • ADream is back again. Full English translation and some new features soon.

Top 3 Guilds


Carbon Fiber

43 646.674 140 106 15
Guild history
No history.



40 533.272 30 41 13
Guild history
Guild for questing/teamhunts


Choki's Dream

36 398.780 62 52 15
Guild history
Choki nuestro, Que estás en el templo,
Santificado sea tu nickname; 
Venga por nosotros tu parque de atracciones,
hágase tu voluntad, tanto en Drona como en Slycera.
Danos nuestra UH de cada día; Perdona nuestras frags,
como también nosotros perdonam

More guilds...

Last guild achivement

17.02.2020 23:52 The New players Manafluid addicts (Take up to 5.000 manafluids between guild members) They won 1000 honor points for that!!

Battle Island Event - dominate the castle

Last battle organized by: ADREAM (16/02/2020 21:37:04).

Red 100%

Duros manWarrior83

Green 32%

Patricio EstrellaWarrior238
Mugiwara no YaibaKnight120
Flash ZorkDruid59


Duros manEquipo rojo013426
SmeechEquipo rojo52996
Patricio EstrellaEquipo verde10422
RuletaEquipo rojo10316
Mugiwara no YaibaEquipo verde00713
WamdaEquipo verde0338
Flash ZorkEquipo verde2301
ZamboEquipo rojo0000