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FAQ - Preguntas frecuentes

FAQ - Questions that players frequently ask

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions and our official answer. No mater if you are a newb or an oldschool Tibia player here you will find answers to your questions and even deny some myths about how some things work in ADream.

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  • Is it completely free? No premium areas?

    ADream is totally free and there are no premium areas. Anyhow there are some donations to pay for maintenance and hosting. Anyone that donates will receive AdreamCoins that can be exchanged ingame for some temporary improvements and other kinds of awards that do not affect gameplay.

  • EXP multipliers. Is ADream a low rate server?

    Yes, the exp rate is Global x2

  • Guilds can level up, What do they obtain?

    Guilds gain honor points in many ways, and as EXP does level up players these points level up guilds, guild can achieve maximum level 50, to achieve this level you need one milion of points. Basically the guild level give his memebers certain bonuses. Using the command !guildlevel you can check how many points you need to level up.

  • Which are the guild benefits?

    The benefits are bonuses that members obtain depending on the guilds level. You can check these bonuses at the Guilds area in the website, by clicking the TAB Bonificaciones. Use the command !guildbonus to check the bonuses you currently have active and are gained from your guild.

  • I'm in a guild but I am not obtaining any of bonuses that the guild has. What is going on?

    In order for a member to obain these bonuses you should be part of the guild for at least on week. Use the command !guildbonus to check the bonuses you currently have active.

  • What are the achievements?

    Achievements can only be obtained by GUILDS. These can be achieved by killing certain monsters, drinking certain vials, complete certain quests, etc., these are rewarded with huge amounts of points for the guild. You can check all the achievments at the page Guilds, section Achivements. To check the ones achieved by your guild you will need to acces the web page of your guild and check the TAB Achivements.

  • I´m in a guild but in game the guild shows as unknown. What`s going on?

    Guilds that don`t have at least 5 members are called emerging guilds. An emerging guild can`t gain honor points neither obtains bonuses. It`s as if the guild does not exists at all.

  • I want to create my own guild, At what level can I do so?

    You need to be level 50 to fund your own guild.

  • I have a friend that as a guild and I want to join but he cant invite me. Why?

    You should be minimum level 50 in order to be able to receive invitations from a guild. On the other hand guilds can only have maximum 12 members. It`s possible that the guild is full or that you don`t have enough level.

  • We have just killed a very strong monster to obtain the achievement but it has not been accounted. Is it a bug?

    In order for it to count the monster shall only be damaged by the GUILD and only by the guild, if it receives damage from someone else, even if it 1hp, it will not count.

  • When using two weapons, I attack at double the speed, will skills also level as fast?

    No, skills will level as if you had only one weapon equipped.

  • I´ve achieved skills 50 but I can´t carry two twin axe. Why?

    Weight is taken in account when combining weapons. At skills 50 you can use weapons of 25Oz maximum, as from skills 60 this weight is increased by 1 point. Check the message you receive once you level up!

  • Every cerain time I get messages on screen with yellow leters that say "STM 5m" What is this?

    In ADream there is an stamina system this limits the amount of hours you can play to 8 hours in a row hunting. This messages are only a warining letting you the amount of time you have available before you run out of stamina. If you run out of stamina it will not regain health nor he will level up or be able to skill up, etc. In order to reagins stamina you must log out, and one hour offline equals to one hour of stamina. Use the command !stamina to check how much stamina you have available.

  • Do skills level up in the Battle Island?

    No, in the Battle Island magic level or skills don't level up.

  • Do items have level restriction at the Battle Island?

    No, in the Battle Island you can carry all kind of weapons/equipment no matter the level it has.

  • What do I earn if my team wins in the Battle Island?

    If you team wins you will obtain 5% towards your next level, no matter what level you are. If you also are the MVP (Most Valuable Player) you will obtain honor points.

  • During the battle I´ve obtained about 90 points but when I checkd the final results it shows only 23 points, why?

    Points obtained during the battle are in the end recalculated depending on the % of castle your team has had during the event, if you obtain a 100% (you win) you will obtain all the points. If you loose and end up with a 50% you will only get half of the points.

  • Why do we advise not to share your account information?

    People can be really mean, no matter how long before you have known that person, he/she can backstab you... Also, sharing this info double the chances of being hacked as there is more weak points in the chain.

  • Why do I have to pay tax for having a house?

    In the past there was issues with the houses because there were not many houses available. There where players that had many houses, others just stopped playing or very rarely did so. Now with TAXES having many houese turns out to be too expensive and if you dont pay your TAX for 10 WEEKS it is freed. This way we ansure the houses are bought by players that deserved them / really want them / really use them.

  • I have to leave for personal reasons for a short period and I won´t be able to log in. What happens if I don´t pay the TAX of my house for over 2 weeks?

    You can be 10 weeks without paying the TAX for the house, They will just addup until you pay it. If you have been paying the TAX on a regular basis you can take a break without worring. Now, if you have been some time without paying and when you leave this time exceeds the 10 weeks you can loose all your ITEMS and the HOUSE.

  • My weapon doesen´t deal damage what is going on?

    It can be two different things. You have ran out of stamina, so you need to disconect in order to recharge your stamina. It is also possible that your weapon is now broken, items can be repaired, don´t let them break! Go to the blacksmith every now and the to repair them. Broken items can also be repaired.