Alessya's Dream

Retro MMORPG Game - Open Tibia Server

Donations - Contribute to ADream


Help us mantaining and improving Alessya's Dream, one of the best OTS!

Donations help us paying dedicated server cost and encourage us to keep improving the server!

Donate with PayPal

For € donated you will recieve 1 ADream coin. Visit the NPC located in the battle Island for more info.
  • Magic lightwand

    It gives you 30hours of free light

  • Stamina refill

    Recharges your stamina to 8hours

  • Magic orb

    Teleports you to the temple. (Only without being in a fight)

  • Changesex

    New appareance

  • Hand monk amulet

    AOL + all blessings ¡dont lose anything!

  • Loot rate boost

    1 hour of better loot

  • Magic flute outfit

    Choose a monster and take his appareance

  • Blue jewel case

    Get the first addon of your favourite Outfit

  • Red jewel case

    Get the second addon of your favourite Outfit

  • Shinobi outfit

    +3000 Marcial Arts (joke)

  • Autolooting money function

    For donations over 15€


We don't want our shop to be PAY 2 WIN. We don't want any of these items/objects interfere with the balance of the game. The primarily idea was to aid the player or customize it while you help to contribute with the Coder/Developer and for future hiring as we expand. For this reason we will never implement Premium Accounts or any other advantage in the game. The server team will never give any kind of advantage in change of money. Say NO to P2W(PAYTOWIN).