Alessya's Dream

Retro MMORPG Game - Open Tibia Server



Alessya's Dream was born in 2006 with over 6 years of constant development. Unique map, spells, events, monsters and a story. Now, after years of being offline we are back again to reach players we never reached before through a complete English translation of the game and fully customized client.

References and thanks:
Server base code used: DEVLAND/YUROTS 0.94e.
Web account system base code used NICAW Acc v1.7 + 3.1
OT Client code by Edubart
OT Picture by Gustavo Santigo (tibiabr)

Thanks to all players Adream ever had
Finally, a special thanks to the contributors!

  • Administrator
  • Cofounder of Alessya's Dream
  • Mapper
  • PvP player since 2006
  • Game developer
  • Cofounder of Alessya's Dream
  • Game developer
  • C++ / lua coder
  • Sfx design
  • OST music composer
  • Tutor
  • Mapper
  • Mapper
  • Tutor